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Re: Discussions

Hi All,

Well, we did postpone the stuff about the future of m68k, since we
hadn't seen a reply from you. Possible options would've been 'when
Michael wakes up', or 'tomorrow, around 10:00 CEST' (which would be
20:00 NZST).

Since we're about to eat now, I guess the latter will be what we'll do.
That okay with you?

That's perfectly fine.

(Yeah, we probably should have been deciding that earlier -- sorry about

NP - I can perhaps join later. When do you plan to go for dinner break?

Now, approximately; Stephen and cts are firing up the barbeque.

You're probably done with the barbeque now, and should start freezing if it was outside :-)

In fact I did see you join the channel about an hour ago, but I was
_just_ too late to say hi. By two seconds. :-)

I tired of watching discussions on the TLS API, and I couldn't really focus with the cat jumping all over the keyboard

I see some activity on the channel now - apparently someone is done eating :-)

Anyway, 10 am Kiel time is it, then


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