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Re: Bootable Debian install CD-ROM for Mac 68k

Le 24 oct. 06 à 09:47, Laurent Vivier a écrit :

Brad Boyer wrote:
On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 12:19:09PM +0200, Laurent Vivier wrote:
Yes. But a "dummy" driver returning "noErr" doesn't work.
I think it must call at least "AddDrive".

Based on a look at the Driver technote from Apple, it looks like the
driver from the disk is used to access disk blocks in the ROM code, so
you need a full driver to be able to use the disk. Although you could
leave out the write support in this case, I presume.

I agree.
The good thing: I think what is preventing to booting from a non- Apple drive is in the driver. So, by writing a driver, I can boot from my Yamaha CD- RW drive
and use a CD-RW to develop the driver.

I've a bootable CD without Apple copyrighted materials (all free !!!)
but it cannot boot from non-apple drive.

it is here :


The disk content is from:


And it is only bootable, but cannot install debian because it doesn't find the bits for testing/m68k.
(Stephen: where can I find them ?)

in the TODO list:

- switch to 32bit mode on boot
- detect the CDROM SCSI ID (currently if it is fixed to 3).

The sources are not in the CVS tree for the moment (coming soon...).

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