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Re: Lenny release plans


On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 05:17:14PM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
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I figure since lenny is now frozen, its time to talk about our plans
for a lenny-m68k release. Talking with Stephen, the current plan of
attack is something as follows:

1. Install dak on a machine on nemesisnetworks (sorta done, still
needs some configuration).
2. Import GPG keys of anyone who should have upload rights. (we can
limit this to 68k buildd admins, or just dump the entire debian
keyring here)

I think it's best if we just dump the entire debian keyring, yeah. If
push comes to shove, we can always add our own keys.

Yup - after all, anyone can build their own m68k packages on ARAnyM if they feel like it.

3. Import the unstable snapshot from the day of the lenny freeze into dak

I'd think a testing snapshot is better (or should at least also be part
of it). Unstable on the day testing is frozen is going to be extremely
different from testing...

The testing snapshot is what we need, unless you talk about a separate unstable-m68k as well (are we being kicked out yet?)

4. Create a wanna-build tracking lenny-purposed-updates, and
lenny-security (I have scripts that do this already)
5. Find voluteers to run autobuilders for both branches (we will
likely also have a temporary tree lenny-transition or something
handling the changes from the unstable snapshot until now).

I can probably revive a few machines.

I can add lenny-security and -p-u to hobbes' chroot list (or run ARAnyM for that purpose).

6. Setup packages.nemesisnetworks.com again
7. Find people who can mirror off my server
8. Rebuild d-i with our mirrors list.

Can we leave most of the mirrors in place, and just add dedicated m68k mirror / package list for the patched m68k packages? I.e. if we can use something from main, don't bother duplicating?

9. Select archive admins to handle managing the NEW queue, especially
w.r.t to m68k specific patches to lenny.

Count me in.

10. Maybe offer the same services to other ports that are not
releasing with lenny since the infrastructure will already be in

Separate admins needed here?


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