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Re: Lenny release plans

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 05:17:14PM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:
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> I figure since lenny is now frozen, its time to talk about our plans
> for a lenny-m68k release. Talking with Stephen, the current plan of
> attack is something as follows:
> 1. Install dak on a machine on nemesisnetworks (sorta done, still
> needs some configuration).
> 2. Import GPG keys of anyone who should have upload rights. (we can
> limit this to 68k buildd admins, or just dump the entire debian
> keyring here)

I think it's best if we just dump the entire debian keyring, yeah. If
push comes to shove, we can always add our own keys.

> 3. Import the unstable snapshot from the day of the lenny freeze into dak

I'd think a testing snapshot is better (or should at least also be part
of it). Unstable on the day testing is frozen is going to be extremely
different from testing...

> 4. Create a wanna-build tracking lenny-purposed-updates, and
> lenny-security (I have scripts that do this already)
> 5. Find voluteers to run autobuilders for both branches (we will
> likely also have a temporary tree lenny-transition or something
> handling the changes from the unstable snapshot until now).

I can probably revive a few machines.

> 6. Setup packages.nemesisnetworks.com again
> 7. Find people who can mirror off my server
> 8. Rebuild d-i with our mirrors list.
> 9. Select archive admins to handle managing the NEW queue, especially
> w.r.t to m68k specific patches to lenny.
> 10. Maybe offer the same services to other ports that are not
> releasing with lenny since the infrastructure will already be in
> place.

Sounds reasonable.

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