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Re: Lenny release plans

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 05:17:14PM -0400, Michael Casadevall wrote:

> I figure since lenny is now frozen, its time to talk about our plans
> for a lenny-m68k release. Talking with Stephen, the current plan of
> attack is something as follows:
> 1. Install dak on a machine on nemesisnetworks (sorta done, still
> needs some configuration).

What's the advantage over this other w-b on Debian Ports? I got the
impression that Debian Ports is somewhat semi-official with easier support
of testing migration. 

> 7. Find people who can mirror off my server

I can host one... 

> 8. Rebuild d-i with our mirrors list.
> 9. Select archive admins to handle managing the NEW queue, especially
> w.r.t to m68k specific patches to lenny.
> 10. Maybe offer the same services to other ports that are not
> releasing with lenny since the infrastructure will already be in
> place.

11. Take over Crest from DSA as one DSA member expressed that maintaing
several m68ks is slowing down their DSA duties because of its slowness. 
I'll speak about this at the m68k porters meeting in Kiel... 

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