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Re: nfblock vs udev


We should close it with the next kernel upload... with any luck, I'll
have the SMC91C111 driver working by then (it did finally own up to
detecting the proper hardware, instead of stuffing up the ROM-port card
or just hanging the kernel).

Does Geert have this in his queue yet?

No. Where's the patch?

Still being worked on - I-ve had to go through all of the SMC access macros that didn't trigger compile errors after the latest addition of private data pointers (lp for those in the know), then fix some module unload error. So far, I've not been able to get the card into running state (it does not even report link up yet, though MII autonegotiation seems to be working). No idea where it gets stuck. Remember we need to share the timer D interrupt between EtherNEC and EtherNAT, maybe that get a bit messy (IOW, I probably forgot to provide for interrupt sharing in the EtherNEC code).

As the card uses interrupt vector 0xc4, I will have to bump the number of interrupt sources to 195 on Atari now in order to get out of the timer mess - any known caveats with this?


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