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Re: nfblock vs udev

I managed to get a udev on nfblock debug log at [3].
[3] http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/tmp/udevboot.log

Hopefully someone can make sense of it and help me out. Right now
nfblock kernels and debian-installer don't play nicely together.

What's the number of ramdisk devices you can have? I notice ram15 is not, in fact, ever generated as device node. Does udev on IDE behave differently?

Other than that, the IDE probe seems to spawn edd_id which does report thusly:

edd_id[278]: main: no kernel EDD support

udevd-event[268]: run_program: '/lib/udev/edd_id' (stderr) 'no kernel EDD support'

Maybe that's killing you? Does IDE emulation also report missing EDD support?

Christian: I'd like to see the patches in [1] in the next
linux-2.6 release. We should also be able to move linux-2.6 to
the same compiler version, currently gcc-4.1, as the other archs.
This requires the m68k-build-id.diff patch.

I'd like to see another patch - the correction of operator precedence in atari_keyb_init which I reported yesterday to linux-m68k. The patch will be forthcoming shortly.

Due to that type of work, hobbes is currently unavaliable as buildd, BTW.


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