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Re: Adopters for m68k specific packages?


> Sigh - seems like Christian and I are the logical suspects... [â?¦]
> nvram and atari-fdisk may still be useful (what take have the
> installer people on the latter?).

Recent work on supporting Atari in the debian-installer was done by
Stephen R. Marenka (CCed).

I'm aware of Stephen's work on the installer, but thanks anyway. What I wanted to know (and no doubt, Stephen will enlighten me) is whether we still need atari-fdisk in the installer.

nvsetenv (provided by nvram, IIRC) is used by quik-installer for
powermac-oldworld. Uploaders for the later are Colin Watson and Wouter

And maintainer for powerpc-utils (provider of nvsetenv both old- and newworld) is yours truly. So I'm not worried about that one (unless I missed some critical bug reports; not impossible given my current mail situation).

nvram for Atari is something entirely different, and cannot be substituted by another package.

I'll look into nvram, atari-fdisk and setsccserial, in that order. Stephen can take atari-fdisk for all I care (it's no weirder than atari-bootstrap :) ... From the BTS, it looks like it's just about acknowledging NMUs and closing decade old non-bugs.

CC: to Roman so he can speak up in case he still cares about these packages (though unlikely).


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