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Re: m68k developer meeting in Kiel

On Fri, Jul 04, 2008 at 06:30:47PM +0200, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> > I may be able to get travel reimbursement, in which case I too will be
> > coming. (Holds breath .... :)
> So maybe six people are coming. Still not a lot of people and no volunteer
> for a public talk on friday. Thus I have canceled my sponsoring request with
> the university, I still don't know how much money we would need. It can not
> be more than 1000EUR in total, it is not worth to start a big bureaucratic
> process for that, plus I have just a week before I will travel again...
> We can still meet here, but I can not promise a free lunch. Maybe if the
> meeting goes well and next year more people are interested, we can try to
> look for funding, and start looking for it a little earlier.

Uhm, I'm a little surprised how much you already worked on getting
sponsorship for that meeting. I assumed something more like an informal
meeting, something like a barbeque or so with some talking about m68k stuff
and such... 

Speaking of m68k stuff... should I bring in some disks for aahz, so that we
can resurrect it then? ;)

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