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m68k developer meeting in Kiel

right now five people have shown interest in the m68k developer meeting on
Aug 29-31 in Kiel:


This is not a lot of people, so it should not be a lot of work. It would be
great if one of the developers could give a talk at the institute on friday
afternoon (not much later than 4pm). Joey will only be here on saturday, we
could have the talk on saturday, but the audience might be bigger on friday.
We have many linux users at the institute, but it is a physics institute, so
the talk should not be about computer science, but understandable by
"normal" users also. Any volunteers?

If we can offer a talk for the general public, we might be able to get some
funding for the meeting also, travel reimbursement for the speaker, but
maybe also some money for accommodation, food and drinks. With only five
participants, however, I am not sure if we really need much funding. Also
with the small number of participants, which company could we convince, that
they benefit from this meeting, so they would support us? If we stay this
small, it would probably not be worth the effort (this time), but we could
still try to get some reimbursement for an interesting talk. Any ideas,
suggestions, volunteers for a talk?


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