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[OT] hardware donation


When I saw about installing debian on 68k machines about two years ago
it was not possible to do it on a Performa 630CD so I didn't tried too
hard then. As of now I cannot take the time to try an install and I
decided to see if you guys have a nobler use for it. I also have a
Performa 600, lots of keyboards and mice and tree printers
(stylewriter II, stylewriter plus and a non-appletalk imagewriter).

I also have a working debian box on a performa 6230CD (oldworld PPC)
with a 15" original monitor and two thernet cards, and a iMac (500Mhz)
whit a busted logical board and no disk I am willing to put to debian

I live in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brasil (yes! we spell Brasil with an
S down here) and it would be very nice if some one could pick it up.


Gunther Furtado

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