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Re: kernel

Roman Zippel píše v Po 30. 06. 2008 v 20:36 +0200:

> > we've discussed this already in PM - the [PARTITION] (nfblock) was
> > invented to _free_ users from creating partitions so it's ridiculous to
> > to say that it has a limited value because you can't create partitions
> > on it :-)
> It's not just partitions.

where else is the value limited? I always thought it is very flexible
compared to C/H/S driven IDE disk drives.

> > ARAnyM, like most virtualization solutions, allows an access to disk
> > drives. The direct access to single partitions is kind of a bonus :-) It
> > is also faster and much easier to set up than disk drive access because
> > you partition the disk drive on the host (which most ARAnyM users know
> > how to do) and then just use the single partitions from inside of
> > ARAnyM.
> I would like to have the easier setup too...

One of us must be missing something obvious. Let me explain again how I
think it should be working:

case A) need a huge space in a disk image:

1) dd if=/dev/zero of=disk_image bs=1M count=<size_I_need>

2) set the /path/to/disk_image in the [PARTITION0] and choose the
partition type it will appear under ($83 as linux ext2)

3) mke2fs - either in host OS or in ARAnyM OS. Please note the
flexibility - you can create the filesystem on host where it is faster
and then just mount the /dev/sda1 from linux-m68k inside. You can't do
that with disk emulation easily (atari_fdisk does NOT work with disk
images, AFAIK)

case B) I have an existing partition on the host and want to access it
from inside of linux

1) set the /path/to/disk_image and partition type in [PARTITION1] and
you can start accessing the /dev/sdb1 from ARAnyM's OS.

isn't this easy?


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