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Re: kernel

Roman Zippel píše v Po 30. 06. 2008 v 20:08 +0200:

> > How exactly does one configure nfblock? What's the aranym config or
> > command line needed to make it work?
> There is no extra configuration needed. All [IDE?] and [PARTITION?] 
> entries are exported this way, although the latter have only very limited 
> value due to the forced boot block, so you can't create partitions on it 


we've discussed this already in PM - the [PARTITION] (nfblock) was
invented to _free_ users from creating partitions so it's ridiculous to
to say that it has a limited value because you can't create partitions
on it :-)

ARAnyM, like most virtualization solutions, allows an access to disk
drives. The direct access to single partitions is kind of a bonus :-) It
is also faster and much easier to set up than disk drive access because
you partition the disk drive on the host (which most ARAnyM users know
how to do) and then just use the single partitions from inside of


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