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Re: kernel

Petr Stehlik píše v Po 30. 06. 2008 v 21:27 +0200:
> case A) need a huge space in a disk image:
> 1) dd if=/dev/zero of=disk_image bs=1M count=<size_I_need>
> 2) set the /path/to/disk_image in the [PARTITION0] and choose the
> partition type it will appear under ($83 as linux ext2)
> 3) mke2fs - either in host OS or in ARAnyM OS. Please note the
> flexibility - you can create the filesystem on host where it is faster
> and then just mount the /dev/sda1 from linux-m68k inside. You can't do
> that with disk emulation easily (atari_fdisk does NOT work with disk
> images, AFAIK)

here I've mixed two things together: with disk emulation you neither can
create the partition on host (because atari_fdisk doesn't support disk
images) nor you can create the filesystem from host easily (unless you
guess the partition offset for the loop offset parameter or have the
Laurent's 2.6.26 kernel with Atari partition support compiled in).

> case B) I have an existing partition on the host and want to access it
> from inside of linux

from inside of the ARAnyM linux-m68k, naturally:

> 1) set the /path/to/disk_image and partition type in [PARTITION1] and
> you can start accessing the /dev/sdb1 from ARAnyM's OS.

And there could be case C) dedicate spare disk partition or whole disk
drive to ARAnyM

1) c/s/fdisk /dev/sdX to create as large partition you want to dedicate

the rest is same as with disk image, i.e. map the path and run mke2fs in
any of the host/guest system.


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