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Re: m68k Developers Meeting

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 11:18:10PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
> >>Nice to see the meetings continue, though - good luck with the
> >>preparations!
> >
> >There has been not much feedback yet, so I am not sure, if there is 
> >anything
> >to prepare.
> Sorry about my late mail - it did get stuck in a mail server migration 
> experiment back at my old lab.
> >The weekend before I'll have some visitors, but we could have the meeting
> >during the week (aug 18-20, 21?), if you would be able to make those dates.
> >But I doubt that, and I also doubt that many other people would be able to
> >attend a meeting during working days, but it could be an option, too.
> Personally, that's cutting it too close to my return trip. Aug. 9/10 might 
> be an option for me, but I don't know when the summer term closes in Kiel.

Thats the weekend when friends from the US arrive, and they are non-Linux
persons, so that weekend is out for me.

It seems we have a majority for august 29-31. For further planning it would
be important to know how many people are coming. I have a choice of two

Coffeeroom our our group. Tables with switches and powersupplies permanently
installer, beamer and coffeemaker in the room. The tables are not very big,
but about 12 people can comfortably sit there with notebooks.

Seminar room with many tables, but no network infrastructure installed. We
can set this up, but that requires some effort. Space for about 60 people.

If we are no more than about 12 people, I would prefer the ready-installed
room. We can set up additional tables there if needed, but all the cabling
is done already, and the coffee is there!

The following people already showed interest in the aug29-31 meeting in Kiel:
Roman Z

If other people are intersted in joining, please let me know, so I can find
a larger room if needed. Maybe we could use a webform to sign up, like:



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