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Re: m68k Developers Meeting

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 07:36:29AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi all,
> >Joey convinced(?) me to propose a date for a meeting in Kiel. I still have
> >to get permission from the institute to use a seminar room, to be able to
> >use the internet there, but I think I could get it. Possible dates for me
> >(if we stick to fri-sun) would be: aug 22-24 or aug 29-31.
> Unfortunately, that's a week too late for me - my flight back leaves on
> August 21. No idea yet when I'll next be over in your neck of the woods.
> Nice to see the meetings continue, though - good luck with the 
> preparations!

There has been not much feedback yet, so I am not sure, if there is anything
to prepare.

The weekend before I'll have some visitors, but we could have the meeting
during the week (aug 18-20, 21?), if you would be able to make those dates.
But I doubt that, and I also doubt that many other people would be able to
attend a meeting during working days, but it could be an option, too.

The thing I need to know fairly soon, at which dates would people be
interested in having a developer meeting. I still assume that fri-sun works
out best for most people, and I can suggest aug 22-24 or aug 29-31 for a
meeting in Kiel. September probably does not work for me, but in october
just before the start of the semester (10-12?) might be another option. If
only Joey and Wouter are coming, I don't need to organize anything, but if a
few more people are coming, I need to know some numbers this week, so I can
cask for permissions. If this is on too short notice or the dates are bad,
we could look for a later date, but I strongly prefer something during the
semester breaks, if we have it in Kiel. But there is also still the linux
hotel option from Joey...


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