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Re: how to make vmlinux?

Christian T. Steigies píše v Ne 10. 02. 2008 v 11:04 +0100:
> > > The build will apply the debian and m68k specific patches and create a dir
> > > debian/build/build_m68k_none_atari
> > 
> > first it builds a documentation and that takes _ages_.
> At first it should create the source directories before it starts to build
> anything. Are you sure you pass -B to your debuild call?

I actually replied before I tried the -B. With the -B it skips the
documentation build, thanks god :-) So now I am building the 2.6.18 with
debuild and wondering how long it's gonna take :-) 

> > I just wanted to get a working kernel (2.6.18 is working well) with
> > Roman's NFBLOCK module. If somebody was building 2.6.24 (Roman's patch
> > seems to be against something newer than 2.6.18) or backported the
> > NFBLOCK for 2.6.18 and cross-compiled I'd be glad as it would save me
> > quite some ARAnyM CPU time :-)
> That patch is not in the CVS? Send me the patch

sent in a private email.


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