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Re: how to make vmlinux?

Christian T. Steigies píše v So 09. 02. 2008 v 21:43 +0100:
> If you only want to build for atari, edit:
> debian/config/m68k/define

debian/arch/m68k/defines ? I figured that out already.

> and comment out all flavours except atari. Then start the build:
> debuild -B -am68k
> -B to only build the binaries, no source packages, -am68k if you want to
> cross-compile, can be omitted on an m68k box. 
> The build will apply the debian and m68k specific patches and create a dir
> debian/build/build_m68k_none_atari

first it builds a documentation and that takes _ages_.

I just wanted to get a working kernel (2.6.18 is working well) with
Roman's NFBLOCK module. If somebody was building 2.6.24 (Roman's patch
seems to be against something newer than 2.6.18) or backported the
NFBLOCK for 2.6.18 and cross-compiled I'd be glad as it would save me
quite some ARAnyM CPU time :-)


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