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how to make vmlinux?


sorry for such elementary question: I have downloaded the 2.6.18-4-atari
kernel source and tried to rebuild it natively on ARAnyM. For now I'd
need just the vmlinux, nothing else (no modules, no documentation, no
deb package). But I can't figure out how to get to the proper atari
kernel source code that I could patch further. The "debian/rules binary"
does ton of weird things that take ages. Can I skip say the
documentation building? Or how to get straight to the source code where
I could just "make oldconfig && make vmlinux", please? I have spent an
entire day staring at the build process - I even almost finished
building the amiga kernel (that I don't need :-) I have already edited
the file that says which kernels to build but now I'd need to speed it
up even more :-)

Is there something like "debian/rules source" that would just generate
the real atari kernel source tree?



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