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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> (Blast from the past - got stuck from the time when Telecom NZ was
> fighting with a three day nation wide DSL outage. Just so you know what to
> expect should you consider moving here ;-)
> > > > All supported NCR53C9x SCSI host adapters for Amiga (Cyberstorm,
> > > > Cyberstorm II, Blizzard 1230 & 2060, Fastlane, Oktagon) are Zorro
> > > > boards, so they can be converted to use struct zorro_driver. There seems
> > >
> > > As opposed to platform driver, or do you mean to populate the platform
> > > data from the zorro_driver struct?
> >
> > No, if you have a real zorro_driver, you don't need a platform_driver
> > anymore.
> Good, so all I need is a list of product ID codes now.
> Is there a ZorroID database in the kernel sources still?

A limited one. But all IDs needed for NCR53C9x are in the driver

Full list in package zorroutils.



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