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Re: xserver settings falcon ct60

On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Xorg may be nicer to work with, and the way Geert suggested may not mean
> writing thousands of lines of code (but I bet it means getting familiar
> with tens of thousands first). Letting X draw to a shadow framebuffer then
> copying changed rectangles of the shadow framebuffer to the real
> framebuffer means we can focus on just one draw function to get right.
> Wastes memory for the shadow of course (which needs not be in ST-RAM
> fortunately).

And fortunately we don't need very high resolutions, so not much extra
memory ;-)

> The cache flush problems that killed the old XFree server are related  to
> XFree's way of dynamcally loading it's modules. IIRC Xorg does it
> differently now (dlopen?) and that part should work.

Good. At that time, dlopen() was not an option (sic) because XFree had
to work on zillions of platforms, some of which didn't offer dlopen().
Xorg focusses mainly (only?) on Linux now...

> Which architectures still do use fbdev for X, anyway?

PowerMacs with offb, PS3, ...
And many embedded/handheld devices.



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