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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release


> > > Maybe uucp or bsmtp from gluck? Christian does something like that, I
> > > think.
> >
> > uucp I had thought above before, but that's so sixties :-) bsmtp I need to
> > ask Christian about when he resurfaces.
> Blub, I'm back from the snow;-)

Glad you made it back :-)

> No uucp or bsmtp (what's that?) here. My friendly provider does not block

batch SMTP I guess. I'll have to ferret around for how to set that up,

> any ports (except 80), can I convince anybody to switch? My server can

I'd love to - does your friendly provider cover the greater Auckland area?

> receive email directly (cts-aahz and co redirect mail directly to the dyndns
> address of my server) and delivers for the buildds on the local network.

I'd set up a fallback MX to accept mail incoming (going to my Duesseldorf
address in that case, maybe I'll have to set up schmitz-hobbes@debian.org
for that instead in the maintainer field), and fetchmail is going to be an
option for sure. Outgoing is what bothers me.

> Additionally the server also receives email with fetchmail, which can also
> be forwarded on the local network. gandi now offers five mailboxes per
> domain, I guess I could setup one for your buildds, if you like. I did play
> with IPv6 a little, but haven't succeeded with bringing my subnet online

Not sure whether they firewall IPv6 different from IPv4 - or did you mean

VPN is actually what I would resort to if nothing else works. I'll try
running a mail relay on a dedicated port != 25 first, though.


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