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Re: Missing m68k builds for the point release

On Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 03:30:06AM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> I'd love to - does your friendly provider cover the greater Auckland area?

Arcor in Auckland? Would make sense, do you have trains down there? Then
maybe you have arcor ;-)
Sorry, I have no idea about providers in NZ...
> > receive email directly (cts-aahz and co redirect mail directly to the dyndns
> > address of my server) and delivers for the buildds on the local network.
> I'd set up a fallback MX to accept mail incoming (going to my Duesseldorf
> address in that case, maybe I'll have to set up schmitz-hobbes@debian.org
> for that instead in the maintainer field), and fetchmail is going to be an
> option for sure. Outgoing is what bothers me.

You can not send _any_ mail from your machines? I send all mail to my local
mail server (mail.earth.sol) which then sends it to the smarthost of my
provider. Works pretty well with exim, only crest/kullervo had some problems
when they were here, since they were using exim3 and smail, (one of) which I
could not configure for that.
> > Additionally the server also receives email with fetchmail, which can also
> > be forwarded on the local network. gandi now offers five mailboxes per
> > domain, I guess I could setup one for your buildds, if you like. I did play
> > with IPv6 a little, but haven't succeeded with bringing my subnet online
> Not sure whether they firewall IPv6 different from IPv4 - or did you mean
> VPN?
> VPN is actually what I would resort to if nothing else works. I'll try
> running a mail relay on a dedicated port != 25 first, though.

No, I mean IPv6, sending mail via that should be possible, but I have not
played with that. ssh tunneling might be another option? 


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