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Re: sarge support for m68k


> q650
>     lm-sensors_1:2.9.1-1sarge3 		(seems to be installed
>     					despite w-b)
>     openafs_1.3.81-3sarge2		(not released on m68k)
>     qemu_0.6.1+20050407-1sarge1		(not released on m68k)

Please disregard q650's status, it has been dead for over three months now
and I cannot get the local admin to reboot it (keeps hanging at boot).

> crest seems to now be at crest.debian.org and kullervo seems to be at
> kullervo.debian.org.
> Michael seems to be logged into crest, so I'll try not to stomp on
> whatever he's doing.

I'm not doing anything there now, just monitoring things. Stamp away.

> If I recall, oldstable-security building hasn't been tested on crest
> since ftpmaster came back, so I don't know if I ever got it working.
> I'll check back on that and also on kullervo.

crest got a new incoming and security password IIRC. Hobbes also got one
recently so I could bring that back for security as well.

> At least that explains why I couldn't get to crest the other day. :)

crest.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de is dead. It's hosted somewhere in Hamburg
now, together with kullervo.


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