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Fwd: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC

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From: Francois LE COAT <lec...@atari.org>
Date: Dec 22, 8:34 am
Subject: ARAnyM Running on PowerPC
To: comp.os.linux.powerpc


The *Gentoo / Linux PlayStation3* _LiveCD_ was updated at


Many Thanks to *Gentoo / Linux* Developers :-)

The updated *Mini Pack* <http://eureka.atari.org/MacAranym.zip>
now supports

`MacAranym` allows launching on Macintosh with Mac OS X
`MacAranym JIT` allows launching on MacIntel with Mac OS X
`run_x86.sh` allows launching on PC with x86-Linux
`run_ppc.sh` allows launching on Mac _and_ PS3 with PPC-Linux

So *Macintosh - PC - PlayStation3* are all supported with
both *Mac OS X and Linux*.

François LE COAT
Author of Eureka 2.12 (2D Graph Describer, 3D Modeller)

Francois LE COAT writes :

> ARAnyM <http://aranym.org/> == ATARI Running on Any Machine, the
> GNU / GPL ATARI Virtual Machine runs on PlayStation3. It can be
> launched on PS3 hosted with PPC-Linux with the *Mini Pack* at

>     <http://eureka.atari.org/MacAranym.zip>

> Because it runs with PPC-Linux on PlayStation3, it should also run
> on any PowerPC machine. But I only built and tested it on my own
> 80Gb / WiFi / HD-Ready 720p PS3, with Gentoo / Linux.

> Can somebody confirm me that this *Mini Pack* also works on other
> PPC machines apart from PS3 ? It should run on Macintosh machines
> hosted with PPC-Linux for instance, with various distributions ?

> Thanks to help me testing the *Mini Pack* on a PowerPC machine you
> may own, and report it. You'll have to launch `run_ppc.sh` and tell
> me if an ATARI / GEM desktop appears like in

>     <http://eureka.atari.org/screen_ps3.png>

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