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Re: sarge support for m68k

> > If I recall, oldstable-security building hasn't been tested on crest
> > since ftpmaster came back, so I don't know if I ever got it working.
> > I'll check back on that and also on kullervo.
> It looks like kullervo and crest are both now buildding
> oldstable-security and oldstable.

I had to disable oldstable-security and oldstable on crest because buildd
kept looping over those (oldstable is not a valid distribution in crest's
sbuild, and apt-cache showsrc oldstable-security failed mysteriously).

That was before incoming access was restored BTW. Might work better now. I
won't have time to look into it today though

Anyway, Merry Xmas from this side of the planet!


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