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Re: Frame buffer use on Coldfire problem

On Dec 20, 2007 5:17 AM,  <jkimble@one.net> wrote:
> I've been very impressed with the performance of Linux on this little
> chip. I've still got a lot of hills to climb before I get it where it
> needs to be (touchscreen graphics, CAN driver) but so far so good. It's
> amazing what you can do with so little hardware these days.

wish that had been my experience, which is more like the opposite. software
i use is getting heavier and heavier so hardware is crippled.

are you an inventor or are you actually developing a prototype for market ?

I would love to have something not intel based that could be useful, especially
if it were portable. it would not have to be as small as a palm but smaller than
a laptop would be nice.
> I hadn't heard of etch. I'll look into that. I know there are a lot of
> "mini" X distributions. I really want something very light that will give
> me a lot of support for developing touch screen controls and such.

etch is just the name for what is currently debian stable. 68k is not official
release so it is under etch-m68k.

there is nothing light about it really, is my major gripe with debian
these days.
of course they break it up for you since debian is pretty much as they say
"nuts and bolts". so on my old mac boxes and my older powerpc i have
install xorg and a light window manager and left alone gnome and kde.
but it is a pity that debian-68k is forced to waste precious machine resources
building kde that is useless on this architecture (that is debian
policy). ubuntu
which is debian based has a light which is simply a list of lighter software
alternatives one can use to make up a system.

it would be really really nice to have some light or lightened ported system
for 68k, for debian user of other sub architectures also perhaps.

one issue i have with our xserver now is in netbsd you can set it to
black and white
which is a lot faster. the debian server can go in 8bit color but not
lower and not greyscale.
which is too rigid for me.


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