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Re: Washi

> > > SETUP -> VIDEO -> Videl Refresh rate.
> > Have you checked that this is in fact being honored by the Linux
> > framebuffer driver? In video=keep mode it should be, but otherwise Linux
> > might reprogram the VIDEL "registers" at boot.
> ARAnyM VIDEL emulation ignores refresh rate programmed in VIDEL HW
> registers.

Ok, should work then.

> > Re: debug=par use for capturing installer logs: we can write a kernel char
> > device module that does just relay its input to the natfeat parport. I'll
> > see what I can come up with there...
> You don't need any natfeat parport driver - ARAnyM emulates the Atari
> parallel port hardware correctly (tested with PARCP). If linux-m68k can
> write to Atari parallel port then it will work in ARAnyM and you can
> choose where (on the host) to direct the output to - whether host's
> parallel port directly or a plain file.

Apparently the Linux parallel port driver did not properly recognize the
port. I admit I haven't compiled in parallel support in a long time, maybe
that broke already years ago...


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