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Re: Washi

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
well, APM for Atari, right? I have been thinking about it but it's not
an easy task.

Just dreaming, perhaps. :)

No, it can be done in a few days. Simply implement save/restore of internal state to all emulated HW chips and the CPU and that's it :-)

If I can figure out how to access the parallel port from userspace inside aranym running linux, that would probably work. I'm using File=stderr.

I never used the parport from linux-m68k userspace.

All I really want is a way to dump stuff from linux userspace to a file
outside aranym.

What kind of "dump" do you mean here? You know you can use networking but you want something else, more low level?

Any chance I could get a version where PAUSE is configurable in the
config? I always seem to be running aranym on a computer with no PAUSE
key. :)

I am really unsure what you mean now - hotkeys editing in the SETUP has been implemented in February 2005, mere 33 months ago. Isn't that what you need? Try running

aranym -G

and click on the [Hotkeys] and then on the [Setup]. Now you can press any key and that one will be used for entering the Setup later.

Is that what you've been missing?


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