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Re: Washi

Hi Mark,

> Washi will be killed on Sunday (2 days from now).  It will not be made
> available again for the immediate future and even shortly after as I
> want to run MiNT on it again so I can help with the native OS atari
> community again.  I will let you know if I decide to run debian on it
> again for a buildd.

Thanks for having us use it as a buildd for so long. You have helped us
out in a critical period a great deal. Much appreciated.

> Out of curiosity, how strapped are you guys for buildd's?  Can you
> handle the loss or does this really screw you?  I may be able to setup 4
> dual xeon aranym buildd's.  I just need the real falcon for myself.

As others have already said, we're a bit short on buildds at the moment.
My Falcon has survived shipping amazingly well though - I just need a
switch and some cabling to hook it up to the network again. Plus
key/password for buildd.d.o and incoming access.

My Quadra should be coming back up as well - doesn't make much of an
impact but may help in some ways.


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