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Re: meeting?

> > It wasn't actually meant to be a serious suggestion, I hope :-) I can't
> > stay much beyond 14:00 and I'll need to lock the place after the meeting.
> >
> > I'd suggest something like the Oldenburg meeting as well. Only I won't be
> > able to attend anyway...
> Why not?
> Oldenburg is unfortunately out of the question, but there's no reason
> why we couldn't go ahead and meet in Düsseldorf?
> If the reason is mainly financial: I believe getting some reimbursement
> from the project is not totally out of the question; Aj said he'd set
> aside some money each month for such things, and I don't think Sam has
> revoked that. Or, well, if we hold it in Düsseldorf, it'll be a bus
> ticket for you. I hope :-)
> Or is there something else?

It rather is a plane ticket for me in future. And 30+ hours of travel time
each way.

OTOH, we can have future m68k hackers meetings in the area of Auckland, NZ
for all I care :-) Starting September, I'll take up a job at the
university there.


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