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Re: meeting?

> > > Thoughts?
> >
> > Sure, this saturday 9am in Duesseldorf.
> Eh, that might be slightly short notice. I was actually thinking about
> doing something a few months from now, like, say, late september - early
> october.

It wasn't actually meant to be a serious suggestion, I hope :-) I can't
stay much beyond 14:00 and I'll need to lock the place after the meeting.

I'd suggest something like the Oldenburg meeting as well. Only I won't be
able to attend anyway...

On a related note: The Duesseldorf municipal utility service just got a
notch worse yesterday and knocked out power during a thunderstorm. While
kullervo, crest, hobbes and q650 are back online I won't start buildds on
kullervo and crest because Christian will pick them up tomorrow anyway.


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