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Re: cross gcc-4.1.2-12 packages

On 6/22/07, Bill Allombert <Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr> wrote:

Please make a tarball similar to the one I provide and a detached
signature. As for the key identity, that is up to the people using the
tarball to check, not to me. I do not care about debsigs.

ok, I have a tarball with .asc and .sig files inside the tarball and
the debs not signed in any way. Its 20mB so where do I put it ?

(note: people still have to download crosscc package from ~zippel)

Try aranym CVS. On my Pentium IV at 3.2GHz, aranym CVS is about the speed
of a 68060 running at 120MHZ (by comparing to the Debian buildd).

AFAIK, aranym is still broken on ppc, and

I have no interest in atari or intel, other than what comes through here as
connecting to linux and m68k. On the other hand I have plenty cheap
efficient powermacs. I have some years of experience with macs and with
BSD unix, linux is new to me. I have trouble not thinking that is unduly
influenced of pc culture (it is a matter of where you come from perhaps).
I have almost no positive experience with pc or intel hardware or software
in any direct way. maybe it is just me, but I fully support that alternative
choice is available as well as some ecological values that intel does not
reflect. I have thought about getting one of those hp amd 3800 things that
are $600 like the ps3 but it is really not my territory.

Not sure but might buy a 1.4ghz g4 mac mini for $300. not sure because
i don't really have a need/budget for it. I am just doing a little
production work
in macos and a little study/research in linux, production meaning in desktop
publishing, not as in real computing.

If I ever get anywhere in my research studies, then i would need a fast machine
perhaps.  but it is really basic research and production in computer sciences
is not my thing. I just do prototyping for putting some theory/experiment into
a useable form.

So all this (x packages) is a challenge for me. I do not intend to maintain it.
hopefully someone else using it will handle the next round. I just made it
because I needed it and thought to spare someone else the administrative
hasssles of building it.

oh, yes I would like to help fix a few problems with the stuff I use on
m68k. but I don't know if I can get anywhere and I don't mind that
much if I have to wait for things to compile, as it is a good time for
me to pay attention to my studies while I am waiting...

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