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Re: Future of m68k - Etch and beyond

Speaking of discussions we need to have .... :)

Right now we don't have a bunch of distcc or aranym buildds. Do we want
to go there?

Distcc has it's limitations, including not the least of which that we 
become somewhat dependent on cross-compilers. However, it's about the 
only way we've been able to handle some of the larger packages 

Tuomas has volunteered a machine near vault13 and I can setup a machine 
near poseidon and zeus. 

Aranym is apparently getting faster, but we'll then be facing emulation
bugs as well as real ones. Given our hardware, that's probably not a
big deal, but there it is.

So we've been playing with these tools. Do we want the port to become
basically dependent on them? Certainly for the time being, perhaps for

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