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Re: Future of m68k - Etch and beyond

* Ingo Juergensmann:

> OTOH, I would be willing to invest more machines, time and money in keeping
> the m68k port alive - regardless of being it a part of Debian or not. 
> Meaning: with all those political background Debian incorporates, it may be
> worth a thought to fork the infrastructure and do our own stuff. 

 To be honest Debian on m68k always felt bulky, overloaded and missing
the point. Give me another distribution which focuses on delivering a
lean core with at least make/gcc or maybe a simple package system like
ipkg and I'll bury my Debian-m68k-CD deep enough to never bother me again.

 apt-cache search whatever takes several minutes on my Amiga 3000.
apt-get install can take hours even for medium packages. Before
Debian-m68k I had early experiments with NetBSD and some
Micro-Distribution (Watchtower?) and those distributions did not only
outperform in package management, in most cases their
memory-requirements were lower, their setup was more straight forward etcpp.

 I hate to be the first one to stop kicking the dead horse but, ya see,
its dead.

 Christian Brandt

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