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Re: debian-installer

> > > Michaels patches, since they would not apply to my tree. The easiest thing
> > > for me would be if everything is in the CVS, I would then start building
> > > 2.6.19.
> >
> > Roman has been making noises to that effect. I've not run a cvs update
> > since; 2.6.19 is the way to go if we can actually get that into etch. If
> > that's not possible, I'll try to generate a fresh patch against 2.6.18-7
> Etch will not include 2.6.19 and any change to Etch 2.6.18 kernel need
> to happen very soon now.

2.6.19-m68k from current CVS is still broken for Atari so I'll take
another stab at cooking up a megapatch for 2.6.18 ...


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