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Re: mac 68k hardware

On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 12:46:30AM +0100, Alfred G. de Wijn wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In two few weeks I will be moving from the Netherlands to the US.  I
> will not be able to take my two vintage Macintoshes with me, so I'm
> putting them up for donation.  I have the following hardware:
> - Mac IIci with:
>   - 20MB RAM
>   = 230MB harddisk
>   - a cache card
>   - a Toby framebuffer videocard
>   - a Kinetics Etherport IIN network card
>   - floppy drive
> - Mac IIfx with:
>   - 20MB RAM
>   - Quantum 260MB harddisk
>   - DEC 1GB harddisk
>   - SuperMac Spectrum/8*24 PDQ 24 bit video card
>   - a Kinetics Etherport IIN network card
>   - a Asante MacCon network card
>   - two floppy drives

I might be interested in the IIfx, an the cache and the RAM from the
IIci (I already have a IIci, but not with as much RAM, and its cache
card died). I'd probably be using the IIfx to test emile on, much like I
use my IIci currently.

> Both machines work, and come with System 7.5 installed.  Both have some
> remains of Debian/GNU Linux installations too, though I'm no longer sure
> how much of it works.  The IIfx also has some other software, including
> software to query NuBus devices (and some games, got to love puyopuyo).
> Finally, I also have the following peripherals:
> - 2 Apple Desktop Bus Mice II
> - Apple Keyboard II (ADB) with curly cord
> - Apple Design Keyboard (possibly broken)

Don't think I'll need those (I have a surplus ATM :)

> - Apple serial port to DB25, great for serial console
> = Apple video port (DB15) to VGA converter

I have stuff that'll work for these. I'll also add that I actually have
a surplus of the latter; I received a bag with about ten of those from
someone at last year's FOSDEM; if anyone is interested, let me know and
I'll ship one or two.

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