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mac 68k hardware

Hi everyone,

In two few weeks I will be moving from the Netherlands to the US.  I
will not be able to take my two vintage Macintoshes with me, so I'm
putting them up for donation.  I have the following hardware:

- Mac IIci with:
  - 20MB RAM
  = 230MB harddisk
  - a cache card
  - a Toby framebuffer videocard
  - a Kinetics Etherport IIN network card
  - floppy drive

- Mac IIfx with:
  - 20MB RAM
  - Quantum 260MB harddisk
  - DEC 1GB harddisk
  - SuperMac Spectrum/8*24 PDQ 24 bit video card
  - a Kinetics Etherport IIN network card
  - a Asante MacCon network card
  - two floppy drives

Both machines work, and come with System 7.5 installed.  Both have some
remains of Debian/GNU Linux installations too, though I'm no longer sure
how much of it works.  The IIfx also has some other software, including
software to query NuBus devices (and some games, got to love puyopuyo).

Finally, I also have the following peripherals:
- 2 Apple Desktop Bus Mice II
- Apple Keyboard II (ADB) with curly cord
- Apple Design Keyboard (possibly broken)
- Apple serial port to DB25, great for serial console
= Apple video port (DB15) to VGA converter

Drop me a line if you're interested.

Alfred G. de Wijn (dwijn@iluvatar.eu.org)
address: Vletweide 144, 3981 ZP Bunnik, The Netherlands
web: http://www.iluvatar.eu.org/~dwijn

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