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Re: Atari Serial

> LAN port scheme. The new device names are just ttyS0 and ttyS1, with ttyS1
> being the DSUB 9 pin regular serial connector. I cannot remember if that
> one is shared with the LAN port connector, but I have made no provisions
> to switch the connectors on the fly anyway.

I've been reminded that LAN and serial port are in fact connected to
different channels of the SCC, so the LAN port (RS422) should be ttyS0
now. In theory, this port is capable of more than 115 kbaud, but I've not
been able to set that speed using setserial. There used to be a
setSCCserial tool; if anyone still has the source for it I'd appreciate
to see it (probably won't work out of the box with the new driver, but I
could add the missiing ioctl support back in a jiffy).


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