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Re: Atari Serial

> Talk about an uphill battle, I can't figure out for the life of me which
> serial ports are valid on my falcon under linux.  Most of the kernels
> don't even seem to have atari_scc.o but the one I ahd does.  When I load

Atari serial got dropped from the official tree long time ago (because we
were stubborn and didn't adapt our drivers to the new linux way, once
Linus had grokked there is serial beyond the 16650). I ported the SCC
serial driver (the only one useful on the Falcon) to 2.4 using the generic
serial helper routines, which means the device numbers got changed. The
old device names were chosen to correspond to the serial1/2, modem1/2 and
LAN port scheme. The new device names are just ttyS0 and ttyS1, with ttyS1
being the DSUB 9 pin regular serial connector. I cannot remember if that
one is shared with the LAN port connector, but I have made no provisions
to switch the connectors on the fly anyway.

> it nothing happens and I don't know what ports are there.  If I
> cat /dev/ttyS* (any of em) I get invalid device or device not found or
> something of that nature.

ttyS1 should work after inserting the module. Maybe you have module
loading errors?

> Any suggestions?  I'd love to get pppd installed so I can start building
> up my package list and getting the system updated.

/sbin/slattach -L -p slip -s 115200 /dev/ttyS1 is what works for me. The
-L meaning no modem control lines to watch out for.


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