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Re: linux-image-2.6-17-mac tries

i hate to report this, but the option to disable PDMA actually was not enough
for the obsolete disk i had.

says it is SCSI 1 CCS, which stands for "Common Command Set", it is supposed
to provide the non optional subset of scsi 2, (according to some
reference book by FWB).

its pretty clear that's why it fails, something like "message code 48:
not understood"
(this is  a hazy memory, although 48 rang a bell like something in the FWB book)
also 49 it said too.

this was original drive in powerbook. i need to copy this anyway, i
will try it with a scsi2,
that is a backup/regular drive, not a notebook drive.

btw, the same controller 5380 in the powerbook5x0 as lcIII et al. i
would assume that the
adb support for powerbooks is still buried in the 2.4 sources...(?)


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