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Re: linux-image-2.6-17-mac tries

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Brian Morris wrote:

> hi, all
> checking in -
> i have been trying the 2.6.17 kernel on my old lcIII/performa450
> (68030 no FPU).
> block_queue_max_hardware_segments:set to minimum 1
> (repeated 10x -between around scsci device idents, followed by)
> "bus error in macscsi_pread"

The kernels I've tried on my lc III did the same thing. macscsi was 
working on my mac II a while back (IIRC around 2.6.10) but I think only 
esp scsi works at present (that is, quadra, centris, 475, 575, 630 

> i was thinking about i should configure slattach and then i could log in 
> with a serial cable via the one of my old world powemacs. in case it 
> does boot eventually, i could work with it that way, i could have a 
> xterm window on serial line IP...

I'm afraid that the mac serial drivers don't work in 2.6.


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