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Re: linux-image-2.6-17-mac tries

> > > "bus error in macscsi_pread"
> >
> > The kernels I've tried on my lc III did the same thing. macscsi was
> > working on my mac II a while back (IIRC around 2.6.10) but I think only
> > esp scsi works at present (that is, quadra, centris, 475, 575, 630
> > models).
> It will kill the performance, but it looks like the driver has an
> option to disable pdma. Try adding this to the kernel command line:
> mac5380=-1,-1,-1,-1,0
> Just get ready to wait for anything that touches scsi.

Welcome to my world of m68k Macs. The ESP driver has no PDMA either,

Anyway - did the compiler both this, or did the code change?


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