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Re: Re: Atari machines running Debian?

Michael Schmitz píše v Čt 24. 08. 2006 v 13:14 +0200:
> Well, duh. I was having trouble with my latest 2.6.13 giving no output in
> the emulator at all, in what apparently was a bad interrupt storm. An
> earlier snapshot still sort of worked, that's what I wanted to poke around
> for.
> "unexpected interrupt from 276" is what I get with 2.6.17 mainly. A few
> "unexpected interrupt from 112" show up before that. With scheduling in
> the TT hwclock code, the kernel dies quite early; replacing the timeout
> there with a busy wait gets it to loop forever.

stock ARAnyM might not emulate the timer C interrupt properly (simply
because host/libSDL does not offer fast enough timer) so you might want
to enable the RTC timer source in ARAnyM with

1) ./configure --enable-rtctimer --enable-fullmmu --enable-lilo && make

2) sudo sysctl -w dev.rtc.max-user-freq=1024

Without the RTC timer source ARAnyM sometimes has to double the timer C
interrupt - has to fire two subsequent irqs and perhaps linux 2.6.x does
not like that.

With the RTC timer running at 256 Hz it is able to emulate 100 Hz Timer
C easily.

Wow... I just realized that kernel 2.6.x does no longer use 100 Hz
system timer. It uses either 1000 Hz or 250 Hz. Or is it ia32 only?


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