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Re: [buildd] Etch?

On Mon, 14 Aug 2006, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> 2.2 and 2.4 kernels will not be part of etch. They will be removed from 
> the installer and there will no be (official) kernel/linux images in 
> etch. We discussed this here a while ago, and we decided to drop 2.2. 
> and 2.4 from d-i to make arch requalification possible again, and d-i 
> developement, a little easier. This means, unless you have an Amiga or a 
> Mac Q840AV, you need to install sarge and upgrade from there.

Just for the record, there are quite a few CUDA models. The 660av has a 
full 040. Most of the others have socketed CPUs (475, 5x0, 6x0...). I've 
received one report of success with CUDA ADB on a 605 upgraded to full 
040. My 630 also works. But only a few of these models will take 64 MB 


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