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Re: Bug#362590: FTBFS on m68k

On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 10:03:28AM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> > >       * Do m68k machines typically have enough horse power for OpenAL to
> > >         reasonably mix the stereo stream?
> > Well, even low-horsepowered boxes like a standard A1200 can mix 4 8bit
> > Channel into 2 14bit channels without many problems. (The 14bit thing is
> > limited by hardware, not the processing power). 
> Ok, I see. So it seem to make sense to have openal on m86k because
> openal nor its reverse depends are necessarily unusable on m86k.

BTW: m68k, not m86k... a common typo ;)

There definitely add-on cards that can make full use of advanced audio, e.g. 
the Toccata Zorro-II card for Amigas. 

> > >       * Do m68k machines typically meet the other requirements of games
> > >         that use OpenAL? In particular, most if not all of them seem to
> > >         require 3D acceleration.
> > I don't thing there's an uptodate 3D graphic card for Amigas at least with
> > enough power to be usuable. There are of course some Virge3D based cards out
> > there, but I don't know how well supported these are, because I don't own
> > such as card. 
> > I believe 3D on m68k is rather useless nowadays, but if someone knows better
> > than me, please shout now! :-)
> So it seem to make rather sense to remove all libgl and libglu
> implementations + all reverse dependencies + add them to p-a-s, because
> software rendering isn't really an option on m68k, and hardware
> accelerated hardware isn't really available either.

It is available, I think... at least on Ebay, but I can only speak for
Amigas, and as Christian Brandt already replied, there *are* some cards out
there, but I don't know if there used that much under Linux. 

> Please note that I don't want to hurt the m86k port. I just think that

So I don't want to either. Therefore we should wait some more time before
removing stuff/adding it to p-a-s how the users of other subarchs are
thinking about this. 

> this could help to keep up with other archs and reduce load from the
> porters.

Yes, that's the real bottleneck atm for m68k. We need more porters whereas
we have a nice number of buildds now. 

> If the libgl implementation were added to p-a-s, then the
> sources would still be around, so user could try to compile them
> themselves without too much pain (well, this depends rather on his
> hardware than on the debian archive/packaging). 

I think it would be ok for some less used, but long building packages when
those would be crosscompiled (if this is ok with policy and the

> Perhaps with the new coldfires there will be a use again for opengl
> accelerated games, but I honestly doubt that.

For building packages it doesn't matter if it's been build by a coldfire or
a real m68k, but as coldfires mainly being used in embedded devices, I doubt
there are many OpenGL capable coldfire systems, but I've to admit that I'm
totally new to coldfires... 

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