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Re: Bug#362590: FTBFS on m68k

On Tue, Apr 18, 2006 at 09:18:43AM +0200, Michel D?nzer wrote:

> > I'd like to hear if somebody knows about multi-channel soundscards, which 
> > would/could work.
> I'm not sure that's really all that important? I've never used any such
> card, but OpenAL has been working nicely for me on powerpc, amd64 and
> i386. I suspect the real questions are
>       * Do m68k machines typically have enough horse power for OpenAL to
>         reasonably mix the stereo stream?

Well, even low-horsepowered boxes like a standard A1200 can mix 4 8bit
Channel into 2 14bit channels without many problems. (The 14bit thing is
limited by hardware, not the processing power). 

>       * Do m68k machines typically meet the other requirements of games
>         that use OpenAL? In particular, most if not all of them seem to
>         require 3D acceleration.

I don't thing there's an uptodate 3D graphic card for Amigas at least with
enough power to be usuable. There are of course some Virge3D based cards out
there, but I don't know how well supported these are, because I don't own
such as card. 

I believe 3D on m68k is rather useless nowadays, but if someone knows better
than me, please shout now! :-)

My 2 cents... 

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