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Re: Creating Amiga boot diskettes

Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> wrote:

I have no idea what a gateway 500 (an Amiga built when Gateway owned it? ...

Nope, it was originally just a Pentium III running at 500 MHZ with a 13 GB harddrive and Windows 98SE. With a 160 GB as a second harddrive, I installed Debian GNU/Linux also (see my signature line).

Christian T. Steigies <cts@debian.org> wrote:

But if you have all these SCSI disks and Amiga emulator software, why don't
you hook up a SCSI disk to one of your PCs and do the installation from the

The PC's don't have SCSI although the Amiga does. Both of them can access a ZIP 100 cartridge (Well, once I can get the Amiga running properly). I have a USB external ZIP 250 drive for the PC's (Gcomm and redetch). The Amiga has SCSI ZIP 100 drives.

As for the Cloanto CDROM, the DVD/CD reader on Gcomm decided to be temperamental so that's out.

Rolf Anders <rolf.anders@physik.uni-augsburg.de> wrote:

I think you only need the following files to mount a CDROM:


You can get the latter 2 files from
http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/pub/aminet/disk/cdrom/AmiCDROM-1.15.lha . If
you copy those files to a floppy and make it bootable using "install" you
should be able to mount the CD with "mount cd0:".

   I got these files the day they were suggested.

Lance (LanceTag@Luminet.net) wrote:

were you successful in getting your system to read your Debian CD-Roms?
I never saw any messages of success/failure or additional questions.
Hope your silence was an indication of success!

I have gotten as far as installing AmigaDOS 3.1 onto the 100 MB harddrive on the GForce accelerator; however, that drive is not self-booting so I still have to boot from a floppy. Is there a command script with a bunch of ASSIGN Amiga commands to switch the booted Amiga off the floppy?

Then I need to get the 386 bridgeboard back working and hook up the external 1 GB harddrive on which I wanted to experiment with installing Debian GNU/Linux sarge. I also have a 733 MB harddrive that might be good to replace the 50 MB harddrive that croaked on me. Decisions! Decisions!

Some of my hardware is a bit old and cranky. I have a number of other Amigas around the house that I've either bought or gotten for free. I also have a few Apple II systems.

   Thanks for any reminders, hints, or encouragement!

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