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Re: Creating Amiga boot diskettes

On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 10:11:37PM -0600, Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:
>    I just checked modconf and find that I have affs installed as a 
> module on Gcomm (this box).  Can I use this with an Imation drive (as a 
> floppy drive) to write files to an Amiga boot diskette?  I could copy 
> one of the installation diskettes on the Amiga and write the lha stuff 
> somehow to it, I suppose.  If I'm rambling, it's late at night.

I have no idea what a gateway 500 (an Amiga built when Gateway owned it?) a
Gforc or an Inmation drive are, but you can NOT write Amiga disks (ie in
standard Amiga 880k format) on a (one) PC floppy drive unless you use a
Catweasel controller:


There is a hack floating around, where two floppies are used to write one
Amiga disk, but I don't remember the webpage. I think for this you also need
one Amiga formatted disk, so one floppy can read the index markers, which the
other floppy needs to create a proper format.

But if you have all these SCSI disks and Amiga emulator software, why don't
you hook up a SCSI disk to one of your PCs and do the installation from the


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