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Installing Sarge (3.1r1) on Amiga


when installing Sarge (3.1r1) on my Amiga, I observed some issues. I want to
share this information with you to give maintainers a chance to improve the
install process.

Some information about my set-up: Amiga 2000, Blizzard 2060 with 64 MByte
RAM and SCSI, Oktagon 2008 SCSI, X-Surf Ethernet, Picasso II graphics

The first observation was that the installer was not able to detect my
Ethernet adapter (X-Surf). In my Woody installation, the card works with
Kernel 2.4.27 with the zorro8390 module. Is there a way to repeat the
network configuration after the base installation has finished?

The partitioning program had problems with one of my SCSI drives. Two of
them are connected to the Blizzard 2060 SCSI adapter (a 2 GByte IBM drive
and a 4 GByte IBM drive). The one I had problems with is a 9 GByte Fujitsu
drive connected to the Oktagon 2008 SCSI adapter. The installer was able to
detect the drive and displayed size and drive type correctly. However, it
did neither display partitions already present on the drive nor let me add
new partitions.

The "partition a hard drive" menu item of the installer did not work either.
It displayed a list of all three hard drives. When selecting a drive from
the list, it jumped back to the list after a few seconds.

Initially, I wanted to install Sarge on the third drive (9 GByte Fujitsu;
partition is already in use, so I could not erase the drive/partition table
completely). The problems with the installer forced me to install on one of
the IBM drives.

Later on in the installation process, the installer complained several times
that it was not able to access the hardware clock.

When installing packages, the install process displayed an error message. It
could not find the package "read-edid"

So much for my observations during the install process. I hope this
information is helpful for someone out there. Please keep on working on the
m68k port of Debian. I highly appreciate the ability to install Linux on my

Best Regards,


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